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Reports and certificates

Reports and certificates

“Leave it in our hands”

We have extensive experience in preparing and processing reports and certificates with Town Halls, Cadastre and general Public Organizations.

We know the processes, requirements and we are in continuous communication with all of them, that is why we carry out the work effectively and quickly without you having to worry about anything.

In certain procedures, you will need to obtain a technical document that guarantees what you want to obtain, for example, an energy certificate when selling your house, or a report that regularizes your home in Cadastre, etc.

Each case is different and specific, but in all of them we can surely help you. Do not hesitate, ask us, tell us your case and you will not have to worry about the process, we will make arrangements with the administrations on your part, so that, without realizing it, you will have everything solved without leaving home.

We wait for your case.

What do you need?:

``Your new home with all the guarantees``

``We support the perfect conditions of your home``

``We take care that everything is correct``

``The necessary certification``

``Complete Scriptures Without Complications``

``The adventure of undertaking``

``Quality tourism with legal guarantees``

``The importance of fair value``

``Study the situation to improve it``

``The exact place of your property``

``Livable, adapted and efficient buildings``

Contact us if you need to know what surface your plot or plot .

``Divide to improve``

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