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MAM Estudio

MAM ESTUDIO is made up of a multidisciplinary team of professionals that covers projects of all kinds. Our Mission is to offer the client the technical support they need in each specific case, for this, at MAM ESTUDIO we have Architects, Technical Architects, Industrial Engineers and Agricultural Engineers.
With MAM ESTUDIO you will have an answer to whatever your wish is.


Mayka Mira Cartagena

Arquitecta y Arquitecta Técnica

Inés Ruiz Planelles

Arquitecta Técnica

Mª Teresa Torres Rodríguez



Víctor Martín Tomás


Mª Cruz Perea Navarro

Ingeniera Técnica Agrícola

Antonio Bernabeu Rocamora

Ingeniero Técnico Industrial

Mayka Mira Cartagena

Arquitecta y Arquitecta Técnica

Universidad de Alicante


I am Mayka Mira, I was born in the house of a Construction Master, (as it was formerly called) and visited the construction site as a child visits a park.

I heard about cement sacks and vaults like someone who hears the days of the week.

When I think about why I am an Architect, I understand the meaning of the word VOCATION.

I have always been related to the world of construction and I have always been in continuous training, learning and knowing better the wonderful profession to which I dedicate myself with effort, respect and enthusiasm in equal parts.

I am an Architect and Technical Architect because I do not want to miss anything from the construction process, I like to live each project from start to finish and see how ideas almost become realities by magic.

Currently I lead my own architecture studio with the help of great professionals, putting all our effort and passion into each project, with a close and adapted working method and above all professional to achieve the best results.

My hope is to continue building the family path of construction professionals with height; that day to day be an opportunity for learning and improvement; and above all, that clients achieve their dream.


Accompany my clients in the whole process, both in the design and construction of a new home, and in that of a comprehensive reform, helping them make the best decisions and providing the necessary support both psychologically and technically, to that they can enjoy a unique experience and manage to live in the house of their dreams.


Our vision is to get 100% involved, attend to your needs, clarify your doubts, solve problems and make decisions to be with you at all times.

  • Empathy: Feel what the customer feels to offer the best solution.
  • Closeness: We want to form a TEAM with our clients, listen, meet and collaborate.
  • Honesty: We like clear things. We will always tell you the pros and cons of every constructive decision.
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