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Cadastre is the body in charge of the physical, economic and legal description of real estate, so making sure that cadastre has such data correctly is vitally important for future purchase-sales and for the payment of taxes.

What can we do in cadastre for you?

We carry out the study of your deed and compare it with the cadastre data to make sure that everything is correct and if it were, we will visit your plot / plot or house to make a technical report that we will take care of presenting in the cadastre, monitoring and making sure that everything is solved.

Types of cadastre work
Parcel segregation

It is necessary to make a segregation when you want to build two houses and to be able to register them and have them 100% legal and independent they must be on different plots.

Owner name changes

When there is a change of ownership of a property, it must be notified to the Cadastre Management, in some cases this change has not been made automatically when the deed is formalized, so the documentation in the cadastre must be presented so that the change.

To fix the mistakes

Sometimes the boundaries of the plots are not correctly defined in the cadastre and there are discrepancies between the cadastre and the deed to the property, so a report with the real data must be made for the cadastre to record it.

Updates in SUMA

If you have made a new construction on your plot, you must notify the cadastre so that the data is updated.

Georeferenced Plans

They represent the exact location of a property using coordinates.

They are carried out for procedures such as the measurement of parcels to know where exactly the parcel is and what its limits are or in case of disagreement with the cadastral graphic representation.