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Technical consultancy

  • Are you doing a new project and want advice from someone with experience?
  • Have you got your first clients as an architect or technical architect and have doubts arisen?
  • Do you need sample or model documents to carry out your work?
  • Are you looking for help to carry out any part of your project?
  • Have you just started your architecture studio and are not clear about some procedures?
  • Are you a freelancer and need help from other professionals?
  • Do you want to create a collaborative team for a specific project?

I am Mayka Mira, Architect and Technical Architect by profession and vocation. I have more than 15 years of experience in the sector.

I like to listen, understand and help colleagues, who as I have lived myself, at some point may feel lost in how to do a project, where to start or who to contact.


I want to put all my knowledge and experiences at your service to solve your doubts and that you feel sheltered in your decisions. I can offer you examples, models and documentation, as well as help you in the writing and realization of the project that you have been entrusted with.

Consult me ​​and improve your work, saving you time in reading documentation, contacting with Town Halls or searching for suppliers.


The first consultation is free and based on your needs we will create the perfect consulting plan.

We create a cooperation plan, where we will give you the necessary support to complete the contracted project. We establish collaboration guidelines in which you can finish the project without having to hire new specific staff.

How can we help you?

  • Customized attention.
  • On-site and online consultation.
  • Resolution of doubts.
  • Performing the work or part of the work you need.
  • Provision of model documents so that you can carry out your orders.
  • Help with procedures with Town Halls and Public Organizations.
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