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Georeferenced Plans

"The exact place of your property"

Planos Georreferenciados

Georeferenced Plans

A geo-referenced map shows the geographical location represented by the coordinates of a house, plot or construction


Why do you need a georeferenced plan?

In order for your properties and all the buildings in it to appear correctly in writing, it is essential to present a georeferenced plan to check the exact location of your property.

You will need it both to make a sale and purchase and to declare new buildings.


If there are discrepancies between reality and the cadastral graphic representation, a geo-referenced plan signed by a specialized technician must be presented as proof of the location of your plot or home.


If you have to go to the Property Registry to modify documentation they will also require it since it is the only legal proof of the specific location.

Town halls

On some occasions the City Council may request this type of plans, such as for granting construction licenses for new buildings such as a swimming pool, to know the precise place where the new construction will be located

Planos Georreferenciados