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Opening License

"The adventure of undertaking"

Licencia de apertura

Opening License

Starting a business is not only an economic but an emotional adventure, that’s why we want you to enjoy taking care of everything that has to do with documentation with administrations.

Tell us your idea and we will help you get your opening license in the shortest possible time and without having to dedicate your time.


In addition to the design of your premises, we manage the process before the official organisms, be it your activity an ENVIRONMENTAL LICENSE or an ENVIRONMENTAL COMMUNICATION.

Initially, we make sure if your business is viable by requesting a certificate of URBAN COMPATIBILITY, which informs, from the town hall, if the activity is allowed or not.

Depending on this result, we continue to work with the necessary documents in each case: DOCUMENT OF COMMUNITY INTEREST, TECHNICAL MEMORY for the Ministry of Health, Tourism, etc.

If, on the other hand, you are going to direct an activity already started, we help you obtain the Opening license, with only a CERTIFICATE OF CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP.

I want to open a business. Is the opening license compulsory?

Yes always. Depending on the type of business, the license will be of one type or another, which will be reflected both in the rate and in the time of obtaining it, but it is mandatory to start any activity.

How to get my opening or activity license?

You will need our help to prove to the City Council that the premises comply with the regulations and that the premises are compatible with the activity you are going to carry out. After this, we will carry out an opening technical report with the adaptation of the facilities that we will present at the Town Hall.

When can I have my license?

There are activities whose obtaining is automatic, innocuous calls. For the rest, the process usually takes 3 to 6 months.

To know if your business belongs to one type or another, you must give them the tax heading of your activity.

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