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Certificate of occupancy

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Cédula de habitabilidad

Certificate of occupancy

The habitability certificate, also called a second occupation license, is a document issued by the City Council that recognizes that the house complies with the demanding regulations and therefore that it is 100% legal.

Why is it necessary?

At the time of selling your house you will need to have the Certificate of habitability or second occupation since it is the guarantee for buyers that the house is 100% legal and meets all the requirements.

We will make a visit to your home to check that everything is correct and we will make the necessary technical report.

It is also necessary for any procedure such as changes of ownership in companies that supply electricity and water.

How long does it take to get it?

There are two modalities depending on each City Council. If the instance is a “Responsible Declaration” from the moment you present, the technical certificate that we make the certificate will be effective.

If, on the other hand, it is a second occupation license, the City Council usually takes a few months to issue it.