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Energy Efficiency Certificate

"The necessary certification"

Eficiencia Energética

Energy Efficiency Certificate

The Energy Efficiency certificate is a document written by a competent technician that reflects the energy consumption necessary in a home for its proper operation, that is, how much the home consumes based on its construction characteristics and in relation to the use that is going to make of it.

Is it mandatory to have this certificate?

Yes. When you go to sell or rent a home, you will be required to have it in force. In addition, to apply for building, occupancy or opening licenses, the City Council may also require it.

Is it valid forever?

No. The Energy Efficiency Certificate is valid for 10 years, after which they need to reapply.

What do I need to get this certificate?

You must contact us and contribute your DNI / NIE to be able to legally register it.

We will make a visit to your home to take measurements and carry out all the pertinent verifications for which we will carry out the Certificate and present it to the competent Body.

In addition, we will always give you a copy so that you can present it to a notary in the case of the sale of the home.

Certificado de Eficiencia Energética