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Houston’s house

Declaración obre por antigüedad

Project: Reforma Integral

Mayka Mira

Location: Pinoso. Alicante.

Mayka MIra

Client: Particular privado.

Mayka Mira

Data: Febrero 2016.

Mayka Mira Arquitectura

Team: Estudio de Arquitectura Mayka Mira.

Houston’s house

The project of this house focuses on a comprehensive reform of a traditional house with more than 100 years old, maintaining the essence of the house and its structural system.

For the owner, the most important thing about this reform was to maintain the aesthetics of the original house and the identity of the place. Her main interest was to use indigenous materials from the area, she wanted to make the house the one it was in ancient times.

With this special vision we promised that this would be so. In such a way, that the result was very satisfactory for her.


The treatment of the finishes was based on a rustic style where the original fallen stones of the house were used, the existing beams in the house were maintained, as well as the reuse of original spaces with a very different but very well adapted use.

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