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LYP House


Declaración obre por antigüedad

Project: Housing Reform

Mayka Mira

Location: Aspe. Alicante.

Mayka MIra

Client: Private individual.

Mayka Mira

Date: In project.

Mayka Mira Arquitectura

Team: Mayka Mira Architecture Studio.

LYP House

This project focuses on getting the most out of the use of the house, transforming its limitations into opportunities through diaphanous and open spaces towards the interior patio.

Thus generating bright and spacious spaces where the diversity of the place makes each corner have its interest and versatility.

The day area is located on the ground floor and the night area on the upper floor. On the first floor, the private spaces appear, such as the bedrooms and a study located on the outside terrace.

The interiors have sought to achieve a warm atmosphere using natural materials, such as wood and the use of neutral colors. This creates comfortable and cozy interiors.