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Reform Project

We reform BY and FOR you.


Reform Project

We reform BY and FOR you.

We understand the reform as more than just a work. It is a change in your lifestyle, where you reflect who you are, what you like and above all it has to adapt to your current needs.

It is about adapting the existing house for another totally adjusted to you. Ready for change?

How can we help you?

We will carry out your project, making the most of the space and searching and comparing budgets.

We will be with you before and during the work, carrying out the Technical Direction of the same to verify that everything is being executed according to the drawn up project.

Do I have to request permission from the City Council?

There are small reforms for which it is only necessary to file a brief with the City Council, which is called the Responsible Declaration. From the moment you present the reform can start. Other larger reforms require a license from the City Council, which usually takes approximately 1 month to issue.

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